Device­Cy­cle is a tool­box for Pure­Data/flext aim­ing at facil­i­tat­ing the rapid pro­to­typ­ing of ges­tural inter­faces using off-the-shelf devices, so as not to rein­vent the (jog) wheel. It helps to con­trol any appli­ca­tion sup­port­ing Open­Sound­Con­trol (OSC) input.

It cur­rently sup­ports the fol­low­ing devices:

  • • Apple mul­ti­touch track­pad (on Mac­books or with a Magic Track­pad) (under OSX 10.6+ only)
  • • 3Dconnexion Space Nav­i­ga­tor 3D mouse
  • • Con­tour Design Shut­tle Xpress and Pro2 jog wheels
  • • Novint Fal­con force-feedback 3D mouse


Mainly con­tributed to and pack­aged by Chris­t­ian Fris­son, Device­Cy­cle reuses the fol­low­ing libraries, objects and abstractions:
  • • hidio, Copy­right 2007 Hans-Christoph Steiner, Olaf Matthes and David Merrill
  • flext C++ layer for Max/MSP and pd (pure data) exter­nals, Copy­right 2001–2005 Thomas Grill
  • fin­ger­pinger, Copy­right 2009 Erling Ellingsen (ini­tial code), 2009 Michael & Max Egger (Max object) and 2010 Chris­t­ian Fris­son (flext port)
  • HSP, Copy­right 2008–2010 Edgar Berdahl
  • np_nifalcon, Copy­right 2007–2009 Kyle Machulis/Nonpolynomial Labs
  • lib­ni­fal­con Kine­mat­ics Core, Copy­right 2007–2008 Kevin Ouel­let, 2009 Alas­tair Bar­row, 2007–2009 Kyle Machulis


Device­Cy­cle has been used to pro­to­type ges­tural inter­faces for Medi­a­Cy­cle appli­ca­tions, for what it has orig­i­nally been designed. Results are explained in the fol­low­ing publications.
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The source code is avail­able on

An old binary dis­tri­b­u­tion is cur­rently avail­able only for OSX Snow Leopard:

  Device­Cy­cle v0.1 (2.3 MiB, 524 hits)