MotionMachine is a C++ software toolkit for rapid prototyping of motion feature extraction and motion-based interaction design. It encapsulates the complexity of motion capture data processing into an intuitive and easy-to-use set of APIs, associated with the openFrameworks environment for visualisation. MotionMachine is a new framework designed for “sense-making”, i.e. enabling the exploration of motion-related data so as to develop new kinds of analysis pipelines and/or interactive applications.



Square70x70Logo.scale-80The goal of the Kinterest app is to provide a generic software tool for analyzing the attention/involvement of people when they watch one or several screens (real or virtual).
A screen is defined in the app as any surface defined by a rectangle. The attention of users can thus be analyzed on a TV screen as well as on pictures, paintings or whatever that can be assimilated to a rectangle.
The app is based on the MS Kinect for Windows V2 and analyzes the gaze of users based on the direction of their head. When one of the configured screens is watched, the application starts a time counter to estimate the level of interest of the user to this screen.
The app sends information about scanned users through the networks used by the application: OSC, WebSocket, HTTP.


MAST is a toolbox for MATLAB that acts as an interface to SPTK. It facilitates directly executing SPTK tasks from MATLAB (given that SPTK is installed).
It is structured it in a way that makes processing and inspection easier more intuitive. It has objects and overloaded functions to represent common types of data and processing tasks.
Download here


Le projet CyberPack vise à développer la créativité à travers la mise en oeuvre de projets basés sur les technologies numériques utilisées quotidiennementpar les élèves.
La mallette est téléchargeable ici.


The MediaCycle framework

The MediaCycle framework offers libraries, plugins and applications for multimedia navigation and content-based organization by similarity. Currently supported media types are: audio, image, video, text. It is featured in: Bud Blumenthal Hybrid’s DANCERS! Relational Navigator, the AudioGarden composite audio creation tool, the LoopJam interactive dancefloor, and the MashtaCycle hybrid installation/performance.



MagepHTS is an open-source performative speech synthesis system built upon the HMM-based speech synthesis toolkit, HTS.
MAGE is a thread-safe and engine-inde­pen­dent layer of pHTS, that can be used in reac­tive speech syn­the­sis designs, (i.e. a design that can be often inter­rupted and can respond in real-time to requests).
Feel free to down­load it!


DeviceCycle is a toolbox for PureData aiming at facilitating the rapid prototyping of gestural interfaces using off-the-shelf devices (jog wheels, 3D mice, force-feedback 3D mice, multitouch trackpads…). The first version of this toolbox was developed by Christian Frisson to prototype gestural interfaces for MediaCycle. While it is designed to be cross-platform, it has so far been tested on OSX Leopard only. Please send us your feedback!


  Minim 2.1.0b (29.8 MiB, 570 hits)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of  Minim_2.1.0_BETA.
This is a beta build of the next release of Minim, which contains the new UGen framework developed by Damien Di Fede, Anderson Mills, and Nicolas Brix. There are still a few loose ends to clean up, primarily documentation related, but we expect to have a complete release completed by the end of June. Until then, feel free to give this build a try and see how the new real-time synthesis capabilities work.
At this time, all of the documentation is in the form of Javadocs, which are included with the download. We hope that you find the docs for the UGen framework clear enough to get started. If not, there are also quite a few new examples included in the download that demonstrate how to use many of the UGens and how to programmatically sequence sound.

To install this release, you will simply unzip the archive into a folder named libraries in your sketch folder. This folder may already exist if you’ve installed other libraries not included with the Processing download; create the folder if it doesn’t exist. By installing this release in your sketchbook’s libraries folder, you will make Processing use this release instead of the release included with Processing. All of your existing sketches should still work. If you find one that doesn’t, please let us know.
You can also check at for new updates and releases.

Melon – a Kinect based controller

 Sourceforge project
Melon’s purpose is to simplify as much as possible the use of a Kinect sensor as a controller by detecting the hands of user(s), retrieving their position and, with this, moving a pointer on a graphical interface.
It is cross-platform (a windows version will be available soon), has been developped in C++ and is based on Openni and NITE.



  EyeNimation-sourcecode (1.1 MiB, 337 hits)

This software is an extension of the traditional open source 2D animation software Pencil. This tool is completed with an image capture process by interfacing a webcam: this tool makes easy to digitize drawings with a simple image noise filtering option, to color these pictures and to put them as frames in an animation time line. This is the result of the Eye-Nimation project realized in collaboration with the NGO Coron ASBL (villages du monde).

Mouse Gesture Composer (MGC)

MouseGestureComposer (hosted on

MouseGestureComposer is a graphical partition editor for visual artists and musicians. Basic elements are mouse movements, placed on a timeline segmented in measures, similar to classical music. It uses MGC is under the early stages of development by François Zajéga.

Multimodal guitar toolbox

  MultimodalGuitar v1.2 (454.0 KiB, 776 hits)

The MultimodalGuitarToolbox provides tools for sound analysis and synthesis and gesture analysis using monophonic or hexaphonic guitars. It was developed by Loic Reboursiere, Christian Frisson, Otso Lahdeoja, John Anderson Mills III, Cécile Picard and Todor Todoroff for numediart’s Multimodal Guitar project. The package contains the following tools: Body Pressure, Fretboard Grouping, Fretboard LCD Display, Hexaphonic Pitch, Infinite Sustain, Rearranging Looper, Smart Harmonizer.

All the details are in the enclosed README file. Works on Max MSP 5 (all tools) and PureData (some tools to be ported). Please send us your feedback!


  TransVoiceTable (5.3 MiB, 681 hits)

TransVoiceTable is a real-time pitch synchronous voice modification Max MSP module using FTM library. It works for both streamed audio input or sound files and allows to modify pitch, timbre, duration and whispering.

This module was developed by Nicolas d’Alessandro for numediart’s TransVoice Table project in collaboration with the Canadian artist Daniel Danis.


  ProcesSwing (18.6 MiB, 290 hits)

ProcesSwing is basically the core + oscP5 modified to be used in a Swing application. The zip file contains an Eclipse project.
Please contact frankiezafe[a] if you have any question or issues.