Project #09.3: FireTraSe: Stereoscopic camera tracking and wireless wearable sensors system for interactive dance performances


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Fire­TraSe stands for Fire, Track­ing and Sen­sors. In order to track the move­ments and fol­low the ges­tures of a dancer, we devel­oped track­ing algo­rithms for a stereo­scopic video cam­era and we built a small and light wire­less sen­sors sys­tem to be worn by the dancer. The com­bi­na­tion of those two com­ple­men­tary meth­ods can be used in many kinds of inter­ac­tive con­texts: to track per­form­ers or to track the audi­ence.
Within this nume­di­art project, we have used those results for the artis­tic project “Fire expe­ri­ences and pro­jec­tions” pro­posed by the pyrotech­ni­cian Pierre D’Heanens. He devel­oped at ShowFlamme a ramp of 20 fire pro­jec­tors whose heights can be indi­vid­u­ally con­trolled in real time by soft­ware. We pro­grammed a flex­i­ble pat­tern gen­er­a­tor that allows us to cre­ate and com­bine var­i­ous com­plex flame pat­terns con­trolled by the move­ments of a dancer. Addi­tion­ally, as it is not always easy to work with real fire, we also pro­grammed a flame sim­u­la­tor using a par­ti­cles gen­er­a­tor in OpenGL. It comes as a Jit­ter objet for the Max envi­ron­ment. It becomes then pos­si­ble to rehearse with a dancer, by pro­ject­ing the flame sim­u­la­tion on a wall or on a screen.
At the end of the project we also decided to com­bine those results with those of the Danc­ing Viola project (#04.2) and with the pitch detec­tion algo­rithms devel­oped for the Mul­ti­modal Gui­tar project (#07.1). The level and pitch of the sound can then also con­trol the flame pat­terns. And the viola player Dominica Eyck­mans could then con­trol var­i­ous sound trans­for­ma­tions, pre­re­corded sound sequences and spa­tial­i­sa­tion con­cur­rently with the flames.



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