Project #15.2 RT-MediaCycle: towards a Real-Time Use of MediaCycle in Performances and Video Installations


Res­i­dency at iMAL, Brussels

(This per­for­mance didn’t fea­ture Video­Cy­cle at the time.)

Behind the scenes

Inter­fac­ing with Pure­Data and GEM


This project aims at devel­op­ing tools to extend the use of the Medi­a­Cy­cle soft­ware to live per­for­mances and instal­la­tions. In par­tic­u­lar, this requires real-time record­ing and analy­sis of media streams (e.g., video and audio). These tools are devel­oped as patches for the Pure­Data (Pd) soft­ware which is widely used by the artis­tic com­mu­nity. This project is a col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Bel­gian video artist Bernard Del­court in duo with Bel­gian musi­cian Del­phine Havaux. Bernard will incor­po­rate Medi­a­Cy­cle in his inter­ac­tive video instal­la­tions and per­for­mances soon.


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