Project #15.1 Guitar As Controller



In this project we present a series of algorithms developed to detect the following guitar playing techniques : bend, hammer-on, pull-off, slide, palm muting, harmonic, plucking point. Via the detection of these information, the instrument can be extended as a natural way to control external content (i.e. loops, audio effects, videos, light changes, etc.). The guitar used is a Godin Multiac with an under-saddle RMC hexaphonic piezo pickup (one pickup per string, i.e six mono signals, one per string). Two exhaustive databases have been recorded by two different guitarists with different playing techniques (finger style picking and plectrum style picking) to test the different algorithms.

Off-line implementation of the algorithms are showing good results. A global implementation on a dedicated software seems to be the solution to provide a more robust solution to real-time hexaphonic use. Implementation on FPGA have been investigated as well, in order to asses the problem of the big amount of process- ing power needed for hexaphonic detection.


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