The NUMEDIART Lab was inaugurated in July 2010, with the goal of providing researchers with a “full digital” environment for testing digital art technologies in realistic performance conditions.
It is also used for teaching digital art technology at the Bachelor and Master level, and as a rehearsal space for performances and concerts.

The lab is equipped with:

  • 3 ramps of light projectors connected to a 24 DMX controller with a MIDI interface
  • 1 10-klumen HD multimedia projector with a short-throw lens and a large 6m x 4m screen
  • 5 lightweight multimedia projectors
  • 1 3D HD multimedia projector with 10 pairs of active 3D glasses
  • 2 Dell S500wi and 1 Dell S300 short-trow projectors
  • Industry-grade infrared and stereo cameras from Videre and ImagingSource
  • 10 Microsoft Xbox Kinect and 2 Asus Xtion PRO LIVE cameras with in-house multi-camera tracking software
  • 1 wireless IGS-190 Mocap suit, with 19 inertial, magnetic and gyroscopic sensors, connected to MotionBuilder
  • 1 faceLAB 5 face and eye tracking system (by SeeingMachines, Inc)
  • 1 7-IR camera OptiTrack facial capture system
  • 50 in-house wireless inertial, magnetic and gyroscopic sensors, coupled with skeleton tracking software
  • 1 8.1 sound installation (by Far Audio) with a 32-channel Yamaha digital mixing console
  • 1 Godin Multiac Nylon SA and 1 sunburst Line6 Variax 300 (vintage) hexaphonic guitars, 1 Yamaha drumset, and 1 Yamaha P90 digital piano
  • USB HID devices: 1 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D mouse, 1 Contour Design ShuttlePRO v2 jog wheel, 2 Novint Falcon force-feedback joysticks (relic), several Wacom tablets, 1 19-inch 3M C1968PW multitouch screen (vintage)
  • Apple Macbook Pros and Mac Minis running PureData, Cycling’74 Max/MSP, EyesWeb (collaboration with Informus Lab at University of Genova) and so on…
  • Apple iPads, iPods Touch
  • 4 HD TVs mounted on mobile stands with wheels
  • Tridim structures for remote installations and exhibitions

To our knowledge, this lab is unique in Wallonia.