The NUMEDIART Lab was inau­gu­rated in July 2010, with the goal of pro­vid­ing researchers with a “full dig­i­tal” envi­ron­ment for test­ing dig­i­tal art tech­nolo­gies in real­is­tic per­for­mance con­di­tions.
It is also used for teach­ing dig­i­tal art tech­nol­ogy at the Bach­e­lor and Mas­ter level, and as a rehearsal space for per­for­mances and concerts.

The lab is equipped with:

  • 3 ramps of light pro­jec­tors con­nected to a 24 DMX con­troller with a MIDI interface
  • 1 10-klumen HD mul­ti­me­dia pro­jec­tor with a short-throw lens and a large 6m x 4m screen
  • 5 light­weight mul­ti­me­dia projectors
  • 1 3D HD mul­ti­me­dia pro­jec­tor with 10 pairs of active 3D glasses
  • 2 Dell S500wi and 1 Dell S300 short-trow projectors
  • Industry-grade infrared and stereo cam­eras from Videre and Imag­ing­Source
  • 10 Microsoft Xbox Kinect and 2 Asus Xtion PRO LIVE cam­eras with in-house multi-camera track­ing software
  • 1 wire­less IGS-190 Mocap suit, with 19 iner­tial, mag­netic and gyro­scopic sen­sors, con­nected to MotionBuilder
  • 1 face­LAB 5 face and eye track­ing sys­tem (by See­ing­Ma­chines, Inc)
  • 1 7-IR cam­era Opti­Track facial cap­ture system
  • 50 in-house wire­less iner­tial, mag­netic and gyro­scopic sen­sors, cou­pled with skele­ton track­ing software
  • 1 8.1 sound instal­la­tion (by Far Audio) with a 32-channel Yamaha dig­i­tal mix­ing console
  • 1 Godin Mul­tiac Nylon SA and 1 sun­burst Line6 Variax 300 (vin­tage) hexa­phonic gui­tars, 1 Yamaha drum­set, and 1 Yamaha P90 dig­i­tal piano
  • USB HID devices: 1 3Dconnexion Space­Nav­i­ga­tor 3D mouse, 1 Con­tour Design Shut­tlePRO v2 jog wheel, 2 Novint Fal­con force-feedback joy­sticks (relic), sev­eral Wacom tablets, 1 19-inch 3M C1968PW mul­ti­touch screen (vintage)
  • Apple Mac­book Pros and Mac Minis run­ning Pure­Data, Cycling’74 Max/MSP, Eye­sWeb (col­lab­o­ra­tion with Infor­mus Lab at Uni­ver­sity of Gen­ova) and so on…
  • Apple iPads, iPods Touch
  • 4 HD TVs mounted on mobile stands with wheels
  • Tridim struc­tures for remote instal­la­tions and exhibitions

To our knowl­edge, this lab is unique in Wallonia.